Jeffrey Bebee is an Omaha photographer with roots in western Nebraska. His fascination with the camera began when he volunteered to be the photographer for his high school year book. After attending college in Omaha, Jeff started his formal career behind the lens. He specializes in commercial photography, from historical buildings to multi-million dollar homes, yet he also enjoys crafting portraits of business professionals and children. “Photography is about visually communicating concepts – how can this business solution meet my own needs? – or emotions – how might my family make this house our home?” His photography strives to make the viewers feel as though they are sitting in the room, perhaps sipping a cup of coffee in the kitchen, reading in the master bedroom, or planning out the future of a business in commercial space. “When you can clearly communicate that  concept or that emotion, to the viewer, then you have achieved success as a photographer.”

Jeff is a regular contributor to Omaha World Herald’s bimonthly Inspired Home magazine, which showcases local homes with unique design and construction elements. His work has also appeared in Fine Homebuilding, and most recently featured in Nebraska’s Post Office Murals: Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal, published by the Nebraska Historical Society.


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